Push yourself to give more value as an OFW

Overseas Filipino Workers–that’s what we are called. We take pride and celebrate it as a nation. Keep in mind, though, that OFW is NOT all who we are.

We are more than Filipino workers residing overseas. We can do more. We can go further. We can be who we want to be. You shouldn’t think that our roles and ambitions end right after your overseas contract expires. Or when you have uprooted all of your family members to where there are green pastures.

Your label right now as an OFW requires you to step it up, not just for you but for the rest of us. You are an OFW, yes, but you can bring more depth to this or redefine it. Don’t know how to start? Consider adding the letter E.

OFW + Enabler

Sending money back home to cover the tuition fees of your kids, siblings, nephews or nieces? Did you lend money to someone to help them set up their business in the province? Hurray, you are close to becoming an Enabler.

Being an Enabler means you are helping someone get on their feet so that they can depend on themselves in the future. We salute you if you are financially reaching out to people who need it back home, but always remember that, money isn’t the most important thing to be an Enabler. Money is good only when you have enabled them to dream and work for themselves.

You don’t just give others the fish and you shouldn’t stop at teaching them how to fish. To become an OFW + Enabler, you need to inspire others why they need to learn and be good at fishing. You can only do this when, after providing the financial support that you can afford (don’t stress or push yourself if you can’t afford it), you listen and guide them towards getting their dreams and ambitions. It can be a long-term commitment, but a very fruitful one.

OFW + Entrepreneur

Do you dream of saving your hard-earned money abroad for your own business when you go back to the Philippines? If you have the entrepreneurial drive, then the best time to start this path is when you are still an OFW. Being an OFW + Entrepreneur will help you learn and understand if entrepreneurship is right for you. Just keep in mind that you should start small and with the money you can afford to lose.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t just help you generate additional income streams for your bank account. It also creates job opportunities for our folks, that will in turn bring food on the table for more people. If you do it right and turn your business into something big, you might be the reason why someone who is a father or mother doesn’t need to be an OFW and leave his or her family. And that is one change that we need for our country.

[notification type=”success”]You can put your entrepreneurial skills into use on the Internet. Don’t know how to start? We recommend Cyberpreneur Philippines: Online Business Start-Up Guide.[/notification]

OFW + Educator

OFW life teaches you a lot of things, right? It stretches you out of your comfort zones and even shows you to value what’s essential. You can also learn new ways of doing things and even acquire better skills.

If you agree that OFW life is turning you into a well-rounded or more knowledgeable person, then you definitely have something to share to educate others!

It doesn’t have to be grand or life-changing at first. You can start with something as simple as sharing with your OFW friends over Facebook about a hobby that helped you cope with homesickness. As you continue to grow as a person, you can impart life lessons that are crucial for overseas Filipinos. Volunteer your time and let your voice be heard. Share your passions. Teach something that can create value for others. Believe that the reason why you are learning new things is because others need to learn from you, too.

So, what do you think fits you? Are you an Enabler, an Entrepreneur, or an Educator? Tell us in the comment below!