Ask Anne: I'm Stuck In A Rut & Going Abroad Is The Only Option. Where's The Way Out?

Question: Hi Anne! Nothing seems to go right with my life since I quit my job. I feel like going abroad is the only option for me. How do I get out of this and make my life better? ~ Tim

Answer: Hi Tim, first and foremost, hold your horses! Life abroad isn’t always the solution. Wait, let me rephrase that — Life abroad isn’t the solution.

While most of us are aware that there’s not enough opportunities in our country and that the standard of living may be better outside, overseas life will have its own different sets of challenges and they’re not any less difficult than what you’re dealing with right now.

I’m not saying that you should completely shut off the idea of working and living abroad but this is what I’m suggesting you to do:

Before you look outside for answers, you first need to look from within. Always, always ask yourself, not just what you want and need, but why you are not getting what you want and need in your life. Maybe, in order for things to go right in your life, you need to change your perspectives. Maybe, you need to grow some more. Maybe, you need to stop forcing things to happen.

It’s so easy to blame everything on luck, the stars, fate, and even God whenever we feel stuck. Sometimes, we also neglect to appreciate the good things in our lives now, for the simple reason that we can’t wait to escape, to fast forward, to reset our lives.

Well, you know how the saying goes, “in life, there are no shortcuts.” There are no quick buttons and settings to the lifestyle you want. So, if an overseas opportunity doesn’t come along, you can’t waste your life waiting for it or comparing yourself to what others are getting.

Understand that overseas life isn’t a new life. It’s just a new place. The “better life” you want to experience will always come from what’s within you. And that’s what you need to start defining. 🙂